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Prokerty represents a wide variety of properties in the most exclusive sectors of New York. Our properties include residential apartments, condos, penthouses, vacation rental investment properties, and suburban homes.

Get to know our innovative real estate technology, and start buying and investing in a safe, personalized and confidential way. At Prokerty we do it for you!

Why invest in New York?

New York is one of the best places to invest. A strong job market means people can afford to pay high rents, and a constantly growing demand for rentals means low vacancy rates. This makes New York one of the best places to buy an apartment for rental income. New York property is likely to be a profitable investment when rented for a long holding period.

In New York there is as much diversity and choice in its residential areas than any other city in the country. This variety allows buyers and investors to determine the type of property that is best for them.

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